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Hi, my name is Natalie Beck and I am a certified fitness professional with over 8 years in the wellness industry. As a brick and mortar studio owner to an online coach, I’ve helped hundreds of busy moms get into the best shape of their lives.

Today, I help these women reach their body composition goals with personalized wellness plans that are completely unique to them and not a cookie cutter, unsustainable meal plan.

I pride myself in creating action plans that will support your nutritional and fitness goals. You not only will see results, but you'll learn sustainable strategies that will allow you to stop the yo-yo dieting and start feeling in control of your own health and wellness.

We get right to work during our 1 to 1 60 minute consultation. This is where I learn all about your wellness goals. The information I obtain from this meeting is the springboard for your customized nutrition and wellness plan.

Your customized plan is an ongoing document that we tweak throughout the month to make sure it works for YOU.

Why hire a nutrition coach?

A coach might be good for you if:


You’re not sure where to start:

Creating a comprehensive nutrition plan can be confusing and you're not sure what's fact or fiction when it comes to nutrition. When you hire a certified nutrition coach they know all of the factors that go into making a nutrition plan that will work for you.


You lack motivation:

Everyone falls victim to a lull in motivation. A nutrition coach can offer a fresh perspective, new ideas to shake up your nutrition routine, and keep you accountable to your goals.


You need to learn strategies to support your goals:

A nutrition coach will teach you strategies that you can use to help support emotional triggers or roadblocks that you may encounter when it comes to eating.

Services offered

On Demand Workouts

If you want a self-paced workout routine, you have the option of using my personalized app for at home follow along workouts.

Personalized Macro and Calories

Learn about the exact calories and macros that you should be eating for your goals. Whether you want to lean out or build muscle while losing body fat, knowing these numbers will help reach your goals.

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