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Hi there! I’m Natalie Beck, a certified fitness trainer and Nutrition Coach and owner of Fit Peaches Nutrition and Wellness Coaching.

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About Me

For more than 8 years, I have helped women reach their fitness goals. Whether they were working out with me in my spin studio, or taking part in my online virtual fitness programs.

Now, as a 100% virtual online nutrition and wellness coach , I pride myself on creating nutrition and wellness programs that take the confusion out of nutrition and allow you to enjoy food without guilt.


For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been what some would label a fitness junkie. When I was ten, I started working out with my mom in our basement wearing my leg warmers and watching Jane Fonda do her thing. In college, I was the queen of step aerobics.

From a professional standpoint, I hold specialized fitness certifications in: Barre, Tabata GX, Pumped Up Strength, two indoor cycling certifications, and my Nutrition certification from NASM.

Prior to launching my online fitness career, I was the owner of an Indoor Cycling studio called ND Wheelhouse. I loved every minute of owning a brick and mortar business, however transitioning to an online service has allowed me to have access to women from around the world.

About Fit Peaches

In 2020, I decided to set out on a new adventure—build my own virtual wellness platform from the virtual ground up—and I’m happy to report that Fit Peaches Virtual Coaching Community is alive and thriving!

About my work

As a virtual nutrition coach and fitness instructor my goals are to lead, instruct, and motivate clients (like you!) to work toward a healthier tomorrow.

I look forward to meeting you and discussing your wellness goals!

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