Forget the gym.

Everything you need for a great workout is already at home.

Think you need to show up to the gym to get a good workout? Think again. Fit Peaches Virtual Fitness is your one-stop fitness studio that brings the gym (and its killer workouts) directly to you.

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As a multiple certified fitness coach and owner of a virtual fitness studio, my main goals are to lead, instruct, and motivate busy moms to work toward a healthier tomorrow. To cater to a wide audience, I offer my virtual fitness app that has loads of workouts-not only from me but 1,000's of instructors.

On Demand Video Library:

If you’re looking to up the stakes on your exercise goals, but you want to do it on your own schedule with more flexibility, check out my fitness app.

I have over 60 full body workouts that will get your peaches fit FAST. Plus join my quarterly challenges that will keep you motivated and engaged throughout the year.

All classes are only thirty minutes and are designed to create lean muscle and shape and tone your body FAST.

Are you ready for a full-body transformation?

Fit Peaches..Where badass moms get fit together.

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